Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Data Driven Testing in TestNG using Data Provider

In the previous post we have looked at how to optimise test cases for data driven testing. Now let us look how to automate these Tests.

In a typical scenario QA engineer will manually use allpairs tool and determine optimal set of Test Data for conducting data driven testing. This test data will be in excel sheet.

Now let us write a method to read this data.

Now let us write DataProvider for using this code and passing one set of data at a time to TestNG for running the same Test case multiple times (Data driven Testing).

Let us write actual test case and make it to use this data provider

This will make TestNG to execute testDND test case for 56 times each time with different Test Data. But the biggest problem with this approach is in testng results it will show same method name for every execution. But it will show the actual test data as parameters in test.html.

We can use code like below to add TestCase name


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