Monday, April 27, 2015

Automated Testing of Multi Browser Support using SauceLabs and Jenkins/Hudson

               Its not an easy task to run automated tests on multiple browsers and gather results back to a single location. Its not a good option to have your own setup of all Operating System + Browser combinations in a lab if you don't have a dedicated operations team.

             We can use cloud solutions like Saucelabs for this purpose. Saucelabs provides on demand instance of Operating System + Browser. It uses Remove Webdriver concept to run Selenium Tests on these instances.

             You can use following code to start a remote Run

Now create a Jenkins job with configuration as

Now you are ready for your Multi Browser tests. Start a build and test will execute on Saucelabs. 

Once you launch your tests, logon to and watch the live steaming on how tests are being executed or wait till end to see TestNG report on Jenkins

~Yagnanarayana Dande

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