Monday, August 8, 2016

Test Case Management using JIRA Customization

Most of the companies are using JIRA for Project Management whether its for Agile or not. As Product Managers/Product Owners start writing Requirements/Stories in JIRA and Test Team is using it to create Bugs, it is pushing to integrate Test Management System with JIRA. But integration is not giving all the benefits like Requirement - Test Case Traceability, Bug - Test Case Traceability.

Another solution for this is to use JIRA Test Management Add-ons like Zephyr, TestFlo. But JIRA Cloud is not same as JIRA Server. JIRA cloud is very restricted and these Add-ons are not complete due to the restrictions on JIRA cloud.

The place at which I am working has their JIRA hosted on cloud. Hence tools gave very less value addition for us. So I decided to try some JIRA customization and create my own TMS in JIRA. This post describes the steps to achieve this.

To Try this you can host a JIRA trial on cloud at

Once you signup and select your site name, it will be hosted.

Now go to Issues page from JIRA Administration->Issues as shown in below picture

Then Add Issue Type like below

Now go to Issue Type Schema and associate it with some Issue Type Schema

Now go to Workflows and Import from Marketplace a new Workflow called "Test Case Management Workflow" 

Assign this workflow to Workflow Scheme at Workflow Schemes and Assign "Test Case" issue type to this Workflow Scheme

Add a new Screen 

Now Add a New Screen Scheme

Associate Issue Type with a Screen Scheme

Create following Custom Fields and associate with Screens

Values for Test Status at Build will be like

Values like this will help you to track execution history at build level for every cycle and release with out cloning Test Cases and can get metrics at build level.

Create two more custom fields like below to track Automation related things

Automation status should have values like

Now JIRA Customization is done. Lets start using this.

You can create Test Case like below

You can link a Bug with Test Case as shown below

Now Bug will be shown in the Test Case as shown below

Also this helps in Bug Traceability using linkIssues in JQL

Now lets add Post Functions in a Workflow

Go to Admin->System->Workflows, Click on the Workflow in which you want to add post functions.

Now click on Edit Button

Click on the Transition you want to edit and add a Post Function. Don't forget to Publish Draft after changes are made.

I have added following Post Function to save Multi Select output to a Text for JQL

Now create a Filter like below

You can create Dashboards like below

This is the best that I can get out of JIRA cloud as this is not supporting groovy scripts and lot of Add-ons. 


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